Autonomous Robots For Solar Construction

Robots As a Service

Our Mission

At BotCrew, our mission is to revolutionize the renewable energy and construction industries by designing and building cutting-edge, fully autonomous construction robots.

We are committed to advancing technology to create efficient, safe, and sustainable solutions that enhance productivity and minimize environmental impact.

Through innovation and dedication, we strive to empower our clients with the most advanced automation technology, driving progress towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all.
Conversion Kit
Retrofit existing vehicles with Autonomous Vehicle Kits
Robot Rental
Rent a low profile vehicle from us on a monthly basis
Skid Steer
Drivereless John Deere Gator

Robotic John Deere Gator

BotCrew's Remote Control or Autonomous Vehicle Kits for existing John Deere Gator machines allow easily operate robots in manual piloting or autonomous mode remotely from anywhere in the world.
Driverless John Deere Gator Use Case #1
Our Customer is an industry-leading solar and wind construction company with safety as a mindset.

The use case:
The height of the panel base is about 45 inches, and it does not allow a worker to safely drive a construction vehicle underneath with a spool of wire. BotCrew's Autonomous Vehicle Kit for existing machines, like the John Deere Gator, eliminates the risk of caught in-between injuries, and creates safer job sites for everyone.

BotCrew gives businesses access to robots on a monthly basis. It’s just like hiring employees, except much less costly, and the robots are monitored remotely to make sure they always get their job done.

BotCrew gives businesses access to robots on a monthly basis. It’s just like hiring employees, except much less costly, and the robots are monitored remotely to make sure they always get their job done.

Why hire BotCrew Robot

BotCrew Construction Robot GatorX
Always shows up at work
Forget about problems with hiring or when someone is chronically late, no more disruptions to the natural flow of your business and chaotic scheduling making other team members adjust to cover shifts.
Doesn't require medical insurance or salary review
Save employee related costs: BotCrew Robots don't require health plans, vacation, bonuses, salary reviews, or overtime pay. They are happy working in any conditions.
Always has a positive attitude
BotCrew Robots have a great ability to get the job done and deal with the hustle and bustle of your business with a positive attitude. And maybe even whistle a tune or play a song or two along the way.
BotCrew Construction Robot GatorX

How the system works

Selecting Robot and subscription plan
One of our managers will advise you, prepare a price quote, and select the nearest response team to your place.
Installation and agreement signing
A BotCrew team member will install the system at your convenience, show you how to use it.
Monitoring and Support
Our central robot monitoring center will monitor your robots and make sure they are performing their best and solve any issues that come up. Our team is available 24/7 to support you.

Robot Task Planning

Robot receives tasks and gets the job done.

Why We Are Unique

A big concern for businesses adopting robots is what to do if the robot stops working and how to manage robots.

With BotCrew, robot pilots can watch over and when needed commanding and solving any issues the robots encounter. Businesses simply start manual piloting or add their task to the Platform and the robots begin the work. This provides an easy entry into robotics for businesses of any size.
*Applicable not for all robot types
Robots are sold as an hourly service saving businesses from having to pay high costs of robotic systems upfront.

This gives the businesses a way to get the robots they need with a little upfront cost.

All that is required is a service contract with minimum months committed and a security deposit.

BotCrew allows Customers to focus on robots as a service and deployments while always getting the most advanced and cutting-edge technology.

It allows you easily add robotics to your business without being a technical wizard.

Choose Your Plan

Simple pricing with no hidden fees. Try a monthly plan or get the best price with an annual. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Enhance your team and protect your business from unexpected staffing shortages
By utilizing the advanced collaborative features of BotCrew robots our Customers are able to achieve more by having humans and robots collaborate with each other

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